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VN Channel

VN Channel

Amplify your learning environment through our video platform. Tailor our technology to fit your corporate learning objectives.


  • Search, stream, and share relevant learning material anytime, anywhere, on any device.


  • Make your company’s most valuable knowledge easily accessible by those that need it most.


  • Enhance the way your employees learn, and watch consumption and retention rates rise.

Production Services

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Production Services

One-stop-shop. We not only host your content, we can create it too.

  • A video platform is only as good as it's content, and we can do both.

  • Application training, green screen, in studio, or on site, our team can assist you with any video production needs.

  • Do it yourself. We can teach you best practices in creating amazing training videos to engage your audience and quickly grow your platform – No editing required!

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Virtual Coaching

Virtual Coaching

Practice makes perfect. Enable your employees to virtually coach one another, on their time, without having to set up formal in-person meetings.

  • The power of self-evaluation and coaching is one click away.

  • Open a means for your employees to communicate and learn from your best talent across the globe.

  • Hone your skills when you want, as frequent as you want.

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